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Morro del Mar Townhomes – An Investment You Can Enjoy.

Morro Bay, arguably the best destination vacation spot along the Central California coast, has just gotten better. Known as “the new Santa Barbara” by the local population, Morro Bay is blessed with natural beauty and appeal. Everything about this charming hamlet, from the gentle ocean breezes to the stunning Morro Rock to the timid snowy plover, bids you to come here and come back. Enjoy year-round activities such as wine tasting, musical concerts, whale watching, art walks, food festivals, fishing, golf, kayaking, and antique shopping. Something for everyone.

Getting away occasionally to a Morro Bay vacation home is something to look forward to. The Morro del Mar Village Townhomes are quite possibly the most impressive homes you will find in Central California. Reminiscent of the European seaside villa, Morro del Mar Village is made up of 14 independent luxury dwellings built in the town-house style around a gorgeous courtyard with great views of the countryside. They feature open floor plans, two-car garages, top-of-the-line appliances, and quality construction that is second to none. With its ideal location, it is easy to see why someone would want to spend all their vacation time here.

Portrait Of Three Generation Family On Beach Holiday

But therein lies the dilemma. Being a vacation home, by definition you have to leave sooner or later and go back to “normal life.” But what if it didn’t have to always be that way? What if you could have the best of both worlds? A recent change in the Morro del Mar ownership structure has made this possible. Far-sighted vacationers who are looking to invest, not just in real estate but in their future, can now purchase one of these beautiful townhomes and rent it out. Then when the time comes to retire, your vacation home becomes your vacation lifestyle where you can spend all your time. With its central location and proximity to Cal Poly, it is also the ideal place to travel from.

There is no doubt that real estate is the most stable investment there is. It has weathered the recent economic downturn and home prices are continuing to rise. Morro Bay’s median home price in 2012 was nearly $477,000, up from just under $241,000 in 2000. So the purchase of a Morro del Mar Townhome would indeed be a wise investment: It would generate a monthly income in the near term (all the while quietly appreciating in value), and then become your permanent address when the time comes to really enjoy life. There is no downside. You really can have it both ways. The Morro del Mar Village Townhomes may just be the answer to your future.


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