Cal Poly Parents: Your Perfect Investment is Just 13 Minutes Away!

Where will your kids live while attending Cal Poly? Where will you vacation next year? How can you make a wise investment in an upward-trending real estate market? The answers to of these seemingly unrelated questions may all be in one place: the Morro del Mar Village Townhomes, gorgeous Tuscan-style townhouses located at Morro Bay on the beautiful Central California coast.

At Home in College

You are investing in your children’s future by sending them to Cal Poly. There’s no reason that their living quarters shouldn’t be a wise investment as well. Rather than spending money on dorms, apartments, or condo rentals, why not provide them with a real home away from home at your Morro del Mar townhouse? An easy 13-minute drive from campus, residence here would provide them with a convenient space of their own, and such nice digs would help give them with a sense of autonomy and self-confidence.

Cal Poly Parents

Week of Welcome at Cal Poly specials

During move-in week—known as the Week of Welcome at Cal Poly—San Luis Obispo County goes out of their way to make this special time fun and easy with Pure Play, a program that provides discounted activities and tour packages to college parents. And with your Morro del Mar Village townhome as a home base, all the Poly Parent Adventures are just minutes away.

Where to vacation this year?

Ownership of a Morro del Mar Village townhome makes the answer to this question a no-brainer. While the kids are on vacation for the summer, you have a built-in vacation site of your own. Morro Bay and San Luis Obispo County are teeming with warm-weather activities. From water sports to wine-tasting, there is something to do for everyone, everyday. Or stay at home and enjoy the quiet surroundings. Or have a big family reunion with the college kids. It’s up to you. And of course, Morro del Mar Village can be a vacation destination long after graduation day.

It just keeps getting better

The only thing better than a great investment is a great investment in five years. What could be better than an investment that will meet so many of your needs now and in the future? And one of the beautiful things about owning a Morro del Mar Village vacation home is being able to create a little passive income to help offset tuition costs by renting it out during the college off-season, which just happens to be high-season in Morro Bay!

With children attending Cal Poly, the Central California coast is always going to be a big part of you and your kids’ life. Why not make a Morro del Mar Village townhome part of that life?

Cal Poly Parents

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