We needed to replace one of our investment properties and had a tight timeframe.  We had noticed this project being built and were fortunate that it was ready to purchase and allows us to use it as a vacation rental. With the owners, their sales agent and the escrow company working together, we were able to complete the process in a timely fashion. The second best part is that the property is one of the best in the area and we are looking forward to finding some slots in the schedule to use it ourselves.  Morro Bay is a great somewhat undiscovered getaway and the location, quality and amenities of Morro del Mar are awesome.



My husband and I are both educators in the Fresno area.  We are fortunate to have weekends, winter & spring breaks, and the summers off from work.

We both love to spend our free time visiting the central coast but the idea of spending time remodeling a beat up old house was not appealing and the cost to hire professionals would make the total cost too high. In fact most of the properties we looked at were not a good value compared to Morro del Mar. We would have had to finance the house and come up with cash to fund the remodeling.  Since  Morro del Mar is new construction we were able to get great all-inclusive financing and everything from the structure to the appliances are under warranty. I love NEW stuff!

We have worked with Colleen Meehan in the past and we were thrilled the first time we saw the beauty and quality of Morro del Mar.  We knew immediately that one of these homes would fit our lifestyle perfectly.  We can leave right after work without the hassle of packing and drive to our home, with all of our stuff waiting.  The idea of sleeping in our own beds, whether it’s a weekend or a weeklong stay is very enjoyable.  I also like the assurance that we don’t have to call around to find a room on busy holiday weekends or we can go on a moment’s notice.

We go to the central coast to relax and have fun, so the fact that there is no yard to maintain is very appealing.  Taking our daughter to the beach, eating in the local restaurants, and browsing the shops are highlights of our time at the coast.  Sometimes though, we just chill and watch a movie on DirecTV or BBQ on the balcony. The complex is very quiet and there are now several full time residents that keep an eye on things while we are gone. A community of people with lifestyles just like us is starting to form and it’s really exciting.   We look forward to meeting our new neighbors.